Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Christmas Home

First of all I am stepping out here and saying if it wasn't for the birth of the Christ child, we wouldn't have Christmas at all! Secondly, I am not going to say happy holidays, I will continue to say Merry Christmas and if that bothers you, than stop reading this. However, if you celebrate another like Chanukah or Kwanza, please let me know and I will be glad to learn more about those and how to wish you the best for your celebration.

Please refrain from sending me anything with Xmas on it, it drives the oldest granddaughter crazy to see her Jesus name made with an X.

I wanted to share with you our living room for the holidays. Picture #1 is Gods decorations on our home. Probably because we haven't gotten around to putting gutters back up this winter, our house was the only one I saw with these beautiful God made icicles! The kids and I knocked a few down so they could experience eating them!

For those that are wondering and haven't been following for as long as many others, yes, my home is purple! A Behr color aptly named Gypsy Magic.

This table display is just a bit of my quilting and Santa and snowmen collection. The runner was last years Debbie Mumm panel and I cut it down smaller and made a table runner with it.
I found the snow
man this year from Avon! Avon usually has some really cute Christmas decorations on sale early and since this little guy was dressed in blue (my favorite) and has fiberoptics, I just had to grab him up!

The fireplace is of course another place for an Avon fiberoptic snowman, this one is several years old! I love the gingerbread house stocking holders, we picked them up last year.

Some of the stockings are old and handmade and others were purchased for the kids or by their parents.

For some reason, we always seem
to have lots of extra stockings!

Our home is an older Craftsman style so next to our fireplace is a built-in bookcase and here you can see my musical angel I won at a church basket auction 2006. The 2 matching snowmen were picked up a Kohls and one had his nose broke off, so I couldn't leave him behind.

On the window above are actually my collection of pencil Santa's and they pretty much have that perch all year long. Our son Justin began that collection for me when he had his first job.

As you can see, even he firewood gets special treatment during Christmas...well, all year really because I haven't been able to find tins like these any other time of the year.

These may seem like a set, but the real truth is that these are very special to me from Christmas of 2006. This is the year I broke my leg and Jerry moved to Washington and we were away from each other.

The larger tin I won at church, it was filled with matching hot chocolate mugs, hot chocolates, marshmallows and
some cookies. The next day in the mail the round one arrived from Jerry filled with candies, tree ornaments and other small things for the kids. I had just felt like God wanted me to know we were going to be okay!

The legend of the Candy Cane and another ornament from my mom. Everyone knows I love sno
w and snowmen and I get at least one new decoration every year.

But honestly, with all the decorations, festivities, tree, happy kids, snow, snow days at school, what would Christmas be like without the Nativity scene? I just love my little Nativity scene. Also an Avon product. It has a small light and plays the song, 'It Came Upon a Midnight Clear.' It can be set for motion play or solid play and the kids love
it on motion!

For those that have seen the movie of the "The Chronicles of Narnia," the first one, remembers the snow witch. Our old angel didn't take the move well and broke. I looked and looked until
I found this one. I fell in love with her white and silver angel attire.

But once I got it home and really looked at her, she reminded me of the snow witch in Narnia. She is very beautiful! She just shimmers in her silvery attire, but her angel wings are made of soft feathers which really make her look angelic. Any way you look at her, she just looks beautiful and looks like she is going to walk or fly off the tree at any moment.

What would Christmas be like without children and a tree? So, the grand finale...
From our home to your home, Merry Christmas!

Christmas Recipe:
Mashed Sweet Potatoes:

6-? Sweet Pots. (Use the amount you need for your family)
Brown Sugar
1-2 sticks of butter (yes, I said sticks of butter)
Miniature marshmallows, plain or fruity

Bake pots. until soft and the very carefully peel and place in a large bowl (add butter now so it will melt). Add brown sugar for taste or not depending on your family. Use cinnamon to add flavor. The last time I made this we only had the colored fruit flavored marshmallows on hand and they were a hit! If you are brave as we were, try them! If not, toss in the plain ones. If you do this and mashed all things together while hot, you will not need to place this in the oven, it will be all melted and warm & delicious!

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