Monday, December 15, 2008

School Is Closed Today & So Is Our Hill!

This was & is our back deck yesterday. When the kids looked out and saw it was pristine, they begged to have a snowball fight. Here is baby boy as he slid across, he was grabbing hands full of snow to pelt his sisters as he came up.

The Diva girl is the one wearing shorts...she said her legs weren't cold! "??" This was their second leg out.

Thanks mom for all the hats, gloves and scarves you keep the kids in each year, having more than one set helps on the rare occasions we get snow in Grays Harbor!

The kiddo's are all snuggly this morning in the same bed under their individual quilts topped with my step dads quilt, another of my quilts. With tempera
tures dropping down into the low 20's/high teens and this house having rare a stick of insulation, I just feel 3 little warm bodies in one bed work better than sleeping alone.

School is CLOSED today! Oh, I can hear the joy and chatter in their voices and I did say I would help them build a snowman! So they are going to have a great day. The only bad thing about today is I was scheduled to work and no work, no pay!

A huge thanks to Uncle John for his last visit bringing a huge box of sugar free hot chocolate, it was welcomed yesterday and drank greedily by 3 little popsicles when they came inside.

I am going to be doing some quilting today, so I hope I can get som
e things done since yesterday I got the house cleaned!

You can see diva girls huge smile under her hood, she had just pegged her sister!

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