Sunday, December 28, 2008

Out With the Old & In With The New

The tree is all unwrapped and waiting to be removed from the living room, the ornaments and Christmas decorations are once again all safely packed away in the attic with the exception of a few lone pieces I always miss.

The Christmas ham will be finished as sandwiches today, the deviled eggs will be lunch as well which means mama's got to get back in the kitchen!

Our Christmas play with the children didn't make it due to all of our snow, so we will be presenting it this morning at church.

I have 4 boxes of stuff waiting to go to the Salvation Army this coming week, one last attempt to donate and get that ever important final tax deduction.

How was your Christmas? Ours was great, well, I was a bit on the sick side and our best friend couldn't get over due to all the snow, but we did have a won
derful day and Papa and the kids had lots of fun! I got some really kicky rain boots and I love them so much I have been wearing them all day since Christmas. I'll post a picture later.

I am going to be making some changes to this blog, so please, check often. There will be lots of giveaways of great stuff starting on the 1st and at times there will be multiple giveaways! I will be promoting more Etsy shops, quilting shops and frien
ds blogs to help everyone through this wicked economy.

I will also be concentrating on catching up all of my back log of quilts and less on making quilts for others, but I will be setting up a slide show of quilts I have for sale along with the prices and I would appreciate any promotion of my blog from yours if you feel so led.

I will be removing things from my sidebar that I no longer consider 2009 news worthy. I will be posting a special section for my awards (or trying to), quilt shops, Etsy shops, blog friends, etc.
I love feedback, so please if something doesn't look right to you, let me know!

Lets ring in 2009 with great friends and peace of mind and
lets help our blog friends get seen so they can promote their wonderful talents! While I didn't do an entire handmade Christmas, I was able to purchase some things from blog friends and Etsy shops and most of my money was spent locally.

I may not be able to make a big difference, but together, we can make a HUGE difference!

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Cathy said...

Happy New Year! Looking forward to seeing the new look. Cathy