Friday, December 12, 2008

We are in for a huge storm!

The national weather service is predicting winds up to 60MPH this evening, some snow and lots of rain and cold temperatures. Last I looked, it was 37 degree's and dropping, the wind is wicked and cold.

We went out in this mess to get our Christmas tree and we were all bundled up as if we lived in Alaska...lots of layers, two hats, gloves, scarves covering our faces, but the kids didn't complain a lick, they had fun tromping through the tree farm looking for our perfect tree.

We got a beautiful Douglas Fir for $20 which according to Jerry is about $15 cheaper than what they are charging in town.

I will keep you posted on the weather! Yes John, I am praying for snow!!

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grammatrish said...

hi Jean,

did you get snow yet? they keep promising rain down here in so cal, but none yet. at least it's actually cold, 55 degrees today. feels like fall almost winter. sounds like you had fun picking out a tree.

just wanted to say hi. gotta get busy sewing..been crocheting scarves for friends and selling some.

take care, happy holidays!