Saturday, January 24, 2009

Be Thankful

Yesterday I had a job interview at the local CAP office for a case manager for those people on public aide needing and required by Washington law to look for work. I got there a few minutes early and was blessed reading the board that showed things in the area (apartments for rent, utility assistance, firewood, etc.) it was just an information board filled with lots of things and lots of expired items as well.

The wait wasn't very long and I chatted with two other women in the office. I was called back for my interview with four very nice women, but I seriously doubt if I got the job. The interview was scheduled for 1:30 and I was home right at 2:00. I just feel it was quick that I really didn't have any time to let them know what I was capable of.

They asked right out the gate if I knew anything about the program and I told them I did and what I knew (thank goodness I had done my homework). They asked what type of boss I liked and I said one that gives me a project and lets me do it without hovering (later I found out the supervisor is not a micro-manager she hates it), my best and worst boss & I explained I don't thing my worst was actually bad, he just had a style that wasn't conducive to openness and I shared with them that he once told me I was the thermometer for the department...if all was quiet, he knew there was peace, but if I asked to meet with him, he knew something needed fixing because everyone came to me first (no, I wasn't a supervisor).

My best supervisor was the one that when you made a mistake came to you to ask you what you did wrong and how to prevent the problem next time. How did I measure success and failure? Success was measured in accomplishments (schools, projects, etc.) that I was able to see from the beginning to the end with positive changes or outcomes. Failure to me means you need to get up, brush yourself off and reassess the situation to see if you want to continue the way you were doing something or if it needs to be handed off to someone else. Guess I don't much count life in failures.

The final question and the one that probably will prevent me from getting the job was do I prefer direct communication or Emails and memos? I said direct communication as Emails are sometimes misread and misunderstood.

When I walked out there was a man in a three piece suit waiting to go in. They told me they are a huggy/feely kind of office so that might help me over a male, but the fact it went so quickly...well, I will let you all know on Monday.

So, I am thankful I had a job interview and so thankful for so many things in my life, I thought I would share some of them with you.

1- I am thankful Safeway has Hamburger Helper on sale for 99 cents today.
2- I am thankful Safeway has 5# of pots. on sale for 99 cents today.
3- I am thankful my youngest son Adam has a job.
4- I am thankful I have heat for the coldest nights and that my husband keeps the flames going during the coldness of nights.
5- I am thankful my friends and family love me in spite of my quirks
6- I am thankful for all my new blogging friends
7- I am thankful for my Lord Jesus
8- I am thankful to be living in the United States where we are still free to do blogging
9- I am thankful for snow when it comes
10- I am thankful for being me!

But mostly this week I am thankful for getting my stairwell painted and thankful to all of you who have been sending me well wishes.

What are you thankful for?

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