Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thank You Cards

I don't know how many of you feel about cards, but I feel they are important. Oh sure, we can make ourselves feel good by saying we send E cards to save the environment, save the post man a trip, save our friends from feeling guilty, etc. But the fact is, many of us have just gotten away from remembering how nice it feels to go to the mail box and find something in it besides bills and junk mail.

I also feel we have gotten
away from training our young children the importance of saying thank you for the things they receive and I don't give a hoot who it comes from or the reason why they received the gift, they should be taught to formally thank someone for the gift they were given. In my case, there is no argument, it is good manners, period!

Today, we got out the fun scissors, glue, glue sticks, stickers, fabric, rick rack, old card fronts, paper, lace, trim, colored stock and envelopes and the kids decorated lots of cards to send to their grandparents, their parents and friends to thank them for the gifts they received for Christmas.

On the back we put that the cards were a Kid Creation and inside each one, the oldest wrote thank you notes as only a 7 year old can and then she made her brother and sister sign them and they all had a good time. It was the perfect day for staying inside as it was cold and damp out but not rainy.

Here is one that has a copper heart emb
ossed on it and the kids added the embellishments and added the strip of paper flowers.

They even decided on their own that they should send a card to our local church who played angels for the kids father through the prison angel program and the gifts they received from this group was nothing short of amazing and a huge blessing to the kids.

My mom and her husband always overspend for the kids and they always send them warm gloves and hats each Christmas and this year my mom sent Shyann some kitche linens. While I think they were meant for me, she w
as so happy to have her own, I couldn't bear to take them away.

My step-dad and his wife always send us enough money to cover our Christmas dinner, but this year they sent the kids the most awesome National Geographic calendar and the kids love it.

Sure, we called on Christmas and said thank you, but I just feel they need to do more, they need to know they should sit down and write a thank you note because it would mean so much and I know my family doesn't expect it, but if you train a child up now with good manners, he will keep them when he gets older or at least one can hope they will.

The kids had a great time making these, the recipients will enjoy receiving these and we truly recycled paper, trim, old cards, etc.

If you are looking for unique cards and want to help someone out who is struggling a bit, contact my friend Melinda who just happens to be a great quilter, card maker and all around crafter and she is trying to make ends meet while raising 2 grandchildren on her own without any help.

Melinda has some fantastic Valentine cards up for sale, she makes some fantastic paper dresses that you might be able to talk her out of and she is having a giveaway on her blog for a drawing of your favorite pet and it doesn't have to be a dog or cat.

So, pop on over to Melinda's blog at:
and tell her Ranny Jean told you to stop by. Not only will you meet a fantastic and humble artist, you will probably have a new friend. Melinda is simply amazing!

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Melinda Cornish said...

you are so sweet...i missed this post last night......I love thank you cards too and I agree that kids need to be taught to send one....It is something that is falling by the wayside! Melinda