Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It 's Beginning To Look Like A Quilt

I bet many of you were beginning to wonder about my quilts and when I would be posting more about them and less about God, but my blog is dedicated to not only my quilts and those of us that quilt, but to the Lord and what ever the wind blows my way.

So, I am almost finished with a window pain quilt and this was just 2 of the many pieces I put on the couch last evening to get a quick picture so you would know, I am still quilting.

What you see is not how it will actually be pieced together in its final layout, but you get an idea that I have not given up on my favorite hobby.

With this quilt, I am using many scraps of fabric that I have found in my stash and love the bright splashes of color some of the bolder pieces lend to this quilt. I feel confident that it will look beautiful when I have it all completed and I have been praying for the young lady that will be receiving this quilt.

The wonderful thing about making compassionate quilts is that I get to know so much about the recipient of my quilts and I love praying over each stitch and piece of fabric and asking the Lord to really bless the person this is intended for. Of course, what really happens many times is that I am the one that is blessed!

Perhaps today this will take on a better shape, but right now the sun is beginning to come out and I need to get up and get dressed & get my little ones fed.

Blessings to all!


grandmarockton said...

you do know that you can ONLY CHANGE yourself! your not reponsible for anyone else. Be true to YOU

Rannyjean said...

I know that full and without questions, its just that sometimes, well....! My change is because I want to change!