Friday, January 9, 2009

Pin Cushion Madness

New Years Evening I spend an exciting night sitting up and making a pin-cushion, it was small, cute and did its job. Now, it seems like I can't stop. They are just fun to throw together and the girls like to stuff them.

Here are the th
ree I made on a whim. The small purple one was made to fit in a tape holder, but it was to small when we were finished, so I put a decorative border around it and a heart button and voila!

The large one is the plastic tape holder. It came from a plastic tub Frog tape is in for painting and I saw it as an opportunity to NOT toss it in the trash but to recycle it into something that would be cute and useful.
The last one is a small pillow cushion that is made from Red Hat lady fabric (I fit that category) and I only had a small piece left and thought I would make it and add the two buttons. It is up or adoption $4 plus postage.

Here is an up close of the large one, it looks like a cupcake with a cherry on the top. I covered the tub with the red hat fabric, stuffed it with a purple pin cushion and added the red button.

It kind of got squashed inside the tub, but it is functional. My granddaughters love this one and said it looks yummy!

It could be a great gift for someone you know, if you might be interested in this one, let me know and I will come up with a pretty good price because it isn't perfect and my craft glue got all weird on me!

This last little one here is going to be added to my giveaway, so instead of 2 chances to win something this month on the 15th, there will now be 3 items.

Just one more way to thank everyone for checking my blog and leaving me comments. I hope soon to post a slide show of my quilts I have for sale on the side bar.

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