Saturday, February 7, 2009

Am I Missing Something Here?

Beat me up if you will and I am sure a few of you will, but am I missing something in the economic stimulus package and the new administration?

What is so damned important about the new digital cable versus the old that it warrants $650 million dollars to help people receive digital signals while it is okay to scrap schools?

Hello, did anyone ever read George Orwell's 1984? No, missed it? Let me quote here a few words from the very first chapter regarding 'Big Brother watching over us.'
'Winston is painfully aware of the telescreen, which is both a receiver and transmitter at the same time. It incessantly relays messages from the Party and simultaneously allows the dreaded “thought police” to tune into the activities of any individual at any given time.' (Copied from the world wide web, February 6, 2009 @ 1720.

Okay, I know everyone is thinking I am screaming conspiracy theory, but I am not really, I am just stating that in 1949 when George Orwell wrote his book, the things we have and enjoy now were not around and yet, he had visions of them.

Why is it more important for us to have digital television capabilities over educating our children? Seattle closed several schools or they are slated to close very soon. The school district I work for is talking teacher lay offs, more students per class room, less teachers and maybe closing another elementary school entirely. Yes, I said another.

They closed one just prior to our moving here in 2007. So, what the new administration is telling me so far is that television is more important than education?

Please, spare me the lectures on opening up frequencies for emergency communications, I worked emergency communications for more than 12 years, I understand that concept, but not at the expense of educating our children.

We now have in the offering tax credits of $15,000 for home buyers to buy homes which isn't going to help if the banks that took billions in bailouts won't put forth the money anyway. How is this going to stimulate our economy?

If the banks won't lend the money and people must have perfect or near perfect credit now to get a home, what happens to those who lost jobs, lost homes and were hoping to get help? Where is that going to come from?

We have a Secretary of the Treasury who doesn't pay taxes and gets by with just an apology.
I keep hearing about roads and infrastructure paving way for more jobs, but I don't see where temporary projects in any one state is going to help stimulate the economy.

People want to make this a democrat versus republican issue and it simply is NOT! It is a sense versus nonsense issue.

How about the $1 billion needed to fix problems with the 2010 census and it hasn't even come to play yet. We set up a census and before it is even started taking baby steps, it already has $1 billion in problems?? I say scrap the census, fire the person that designed the flaws, but do something, this borders on the ridiculous!

We have turned into a greedy nation fueled by the rich going unpunished for their crimes, people being elected to government offices while acknowledging they broke the law or forgot to pay their taxes while the rest of us would be in jail or have the IRS garnishing our wages. Our nations children are already behind many other countries in education and we are willing to allow them to close schools?

I am stopping here before my mouth writes a check my behind can't cash! Peace out!

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grammy said...

No, dearie, you're not missing a thing. 'They' (politicians) started out promising to help people losing their homes and auto workers losing their jobs and then forgot all about them while giving huge gobs of cash to banks that won't lend it to people losing their homes and auto workers losing their jobs!

As for the schools, I noticed many years ago that the larger the schools get, the less the children learn. But 'they' keep right on closing community schools and putting our grandchildren into huge institutions where the learn less and less. Washington! It's the same old blah blah blah, no matter who is in office. What's that old saying about power.....?