Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tea Cozy

Since I have been talking about shopping local and supporting other bloggers that have businesses on my blog, it is with great joy, I post a picture of my latest mail delivery, my new tea cozy.

This is just beautiful and so perfectly put together. This is just the outside, it is lined with a flannel fabric. I loved the ribbon that ties it all together and yes, the teapot is mine!

It has just been recently that I truly learned the tricks to brewing a good pot or cup of tea and one of those tricks was to cover your teapot or cup to keep it warm and let the tea bags sit for about 5 minutes in the water prior to pouring or sipping your tea.

Explains why my tea has always tasted to watery or to strong. With this cozy, I will be able to brew a pot of tea and drink it without having to worry about it turning cold so quickly.

Here is another picture of the tea cozy and my pictures just do not do this piece justice. If you want to purchase a cozy like mine or another color or pattern just go over to:
look around her site and let her know you came with my recommendation. I know if you decide to make a purchase, you will be satisfied with it 100%.

So, I purchased a tea cozy from eldonna's, 3 handmade valentines from Melinda, fabric & cards from Sherry and a skirt from an Ebay stay at home mom. These purchases completed my dedication for the month of January to purchase handmade and I will share the valentine pics and fabric when I receive them.

In the meantime, you can take a sneak peak over at Melinda's and Sherry's blogs on my sidebar.

Oh, how fun February will be once I decide on how much my budget can be used to support another handmade item.

In support of local, I purchased at the Quilted Cottage in Oakville which is in Grays Harbor County a part of my local area.

Here is wishing all of you good shopping experiences and I would love to see your purchases when you buy something.

**Don't forget, I do have several quilts for sale with fall themes for your walls or class rooms.**

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