Saturday, February 7, 2009

Great Quilt Shop

For anyone wanting to visit western Washington beaches and will be down around Aberdeen or just passing through, I recommend you stop by the Quilting Cottage in Oakville. The shop sits right on the main drag (Pine Street) or as locals and travelers know the road, Highway 12 from Centralia to Aberdeen.

The kids and I took a Sunday drive out that way last week and the shop is very quaint. It has the old double glass doors and
large store front windows in front. Then you step into the shop which is filled on both floors with beautiful fabrics and some of the best prices I have seen for bundled fat quarters.

I came away with this darling farm panel for my new granddaughters quilt (hopefully she will have it before she gets here), the girls picked it out. Then some soft checkerboard fabric for the backing (see it below) a crib size package of Warm & White batting, Moda blue marbled fabric and two packages of matching fat quarters for future quilting projects.

I stayed within m
y budget and even bought the kids some Strawberry Cheesecake jelly bellies.

The shop has kept its soda fountain decor which I think is great for those men that get dragged out to the quilt shops with their wives, they have a place to sit and relax and can watch the frogs on the counter terrarium.
The shop isn't normally open on Sundays, but they wanted to test drive their new equipment and I was blessed since Sundays are the days I usually travel through to Chehalis.

The customer service is friend
ly and they are really very down to earth ladies and I enjoyed my experience there.

If you do stop in, you might want to ask them about some of the super natural things that have been going on at the shop such as doors opening without anyone around, their dog that refuses to go into the attic and won't let the owner go up there, voices heard and questions asked and no one around.

Washington state has many old buildings, store fronts, homes that have been here since the 1800's and many families have passed through the homes. Some of them were stores, homes, stores, businesses, etc. there are bound to be some odd things that can't be explained.

I just loved these fat quarters when I saw them. They reminded me of spring time and little girls and I will probably use them for another baby quilt.

By the way, I had a $50 budget when I walked into the store and I walked out with all of this plus the jellie bellies at under $50. I had stuck to my budget by about $2.

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