Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cheap and Funky Sunglasses

As promised, here are the sunglasses I redesigned for my granddaughters. Even the tom boy likes them & she is the one modeling them.

I used to collect sunglasses and then I began wearing bi-focals and I went to purchasing clips when I bought new glasses.

I gave most of the glasses to the girls with the exception of these last 2 pair. So, while walking through Michael's a few weeks ago, I picked up some little plastic gem/jewels for under $2 each package.

Last night while sitting down, I took my nail glue/super glue from the artificial nails I wear on special occassions and began decorating. One drop of glue and place carefully the gem on and voila' here are the results.

Really very quick and easy. The glue I use is all natural according to the label, but the girls don't like the smell right away, so let them sit overnight and they are ready to wear.

Of course, depending on the size of the frames and the style, will depend on how fancy or how many items you can place on them.

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