Sunday, February 15, 2009

Countdown to NASCAR

The excitement is beginning to build in our home. Yesterday we went shopping for our NASCAR party and picked up chips, dip, pop and stuff for dinner this evening. The DVR is starting to record all the pre-race shows and the after race interviews. We are pumped and ready!

I love NASCAR! The kids love NASCAR, it is what we enjoy doing! I wanted to have friends over for today, but hubby assured me that our small 36" or whatever size television it is we have would pale in comparison to our friends 60" screen within a screen television. Why would they want to step down? For the friendship and food! Truth is, both hubbies have to work today and I don't think the wife is a huge fan. She will be soon!

When I think of NASCAR, I miss Phoenix. I miss spending times out at the races with our friends Harold, Dayton, George, Roger and Joanne (Dohan to the kids), Keith and Kelly our camping buddies. I miss the stories, the walks, the smell of gasoline and tires heating up, the competititon between us on which driver is the best. I miss our RV affectionately nicknamed the Shaggin Wagon because it was painted on the front when we bought it.

What I don't miss is the cost. Oh, I never minded the cost of camping because our RV was fully stocked with food to last the entire race week and NASCAR was always generous in allowing us to take in a cooler, so we always had food and drinks with us, but the cost of seats was crazy!
We paid over $100 each for our seats in the Allison section. That didn't bother me either, but what bothered me was that NASCAR is so out of touch, to take the little ones with us, the ticket prices are the same, no discount for small children.

NASCAR could make a killing, building a daycare at their tracks and if they want to charge full price for the Daytona 500 for children, it should include daycare. Most children can't sit through a 500 lap race, they get fidgety and cranky and those around them get crankier at times. Set it up that if the children get tired, they can go into childcare and have fun.

Yes, twice a year, the money we spent was so worth the relaxation, friendships and time off from work that we could afford. That was another time in my life, a faster time, a more stress filled time, today, I will sit in my basement and watch television. I will smile everytime Darryl Waltrip says his 'Boogity, Boogity, Boogity,' because that is a much NASCAR as racing is. I will crank up my television when they say crank up the sound!

Today, all the race is costing me is $20 and the precious time allowed to spend with my three beautiful grandchildren. That to me, just cannot be bought at any price!

NASCAR Sundays and Saturdays are back! YES!! YES!! YES!!

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Melinda Cornish said...

I sold motorhomes for years and Fleetwood sponsored Dale Jarett. I have won trips to nascar in Sonoma twice...breakfast with all the drivers. Pit passes, seats on the finish line, the whole bit...both times were an absolute blast and I had more fun.....I have autographed memoribilia like you wouldnt believe....Melinda