Sunday, February 1, 2009

Feedback Please

I am looking to increase my blog following. I am asking for feedback from those of you who read this regularly for feedback. My blog is technically a huge part of who I am. Not just a grandmother raising grandchildren, but a woman who cares about almost everyone she comes into contact with.

I have met some wonderful people through this outlet. Other grandparents raising their grandchildren and been a shoulder for them as they have been for me. Others who suffer from Fibromyalgia, Arthritis and other chronic pain syndromes & on a bad day, their support gives me hope. Quilters, sewers, crafters that are so talented I am constantly blown away by the beautiful things they make. Supporters of my causes and those who don't agree & with each comment I learn new things!

I am aware I can be very vocal in MY stand on politics which not everyone will agree with me on and I don't expect nor would I want you to all follow my political views, but they are a part of my interior being, who I am.

My Christian views that I post. If I can reach one person or one person reaches out to me looking for hope, looking to find Jesus Christ, looks at their spouse in a whole new light or their immediate situation, decides that life is still good in spite of it all. Then I have done a small part in helping others.

HOWEVER...if you meditate, practice Buddhism, use alternative therapies to keep your life calm and chaos free, I am NOT going to put you down or toss you out. After all, I have done my share of searching for that perfect calm and I always come back to Jesus!

I would love to have more followers and I am reaching out to all of you for help. Is there something I should add, remove, leave the same? I want this blog to be a place you come with a cup of coffee and a smile on your face or walk away thinking you can help others.

You have already seen the first 2 giveaways of the year. Both of these were recycled items from my home or handmade items I made. There will be more giveaways, some will be handmade, some new, some recycled and I hope to keep this going with monthly giveaways. **Please post these to your blog when you feel they are worth sharing and share the site with others.**

No one knows when, but my 500th post will be coming up in a few months and the first person to post on my 500th comment will receive a gift that hasn't been chosen yet.

My blogiversary will open doors to a daily giveaway for an entire week as it approaches.

It is my hope to share life with you. Good or bad, up or down, happy or sad and that each one of you will share with me and together we can form a network of bloggers who care for each other and support each other where we can.

I have posted on my sidebar Etsy stores and bloggers that sell handmade items or recycled items made new or stay at home moms who sell things. I want to help support this unique and talented community. If you make items or know someone that does, please send me a link and I will look to see if it fits my blog and life.

If you notice a link isn't working, please let me know. If you get to one of the shops I support and it is no longer in business let me know. If you have done business with one of these shops and it was a bad experience, let me know! I want my blog to support real people, not scam artists, so I only recommend people I have done business with or know of.

Please, follow me and let me know what you would like to see more or less of. I already have received positive feedback and Emails on Sunday dinners, so that will stay!

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