Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Winners Are....

Can I have a drum roll please? The winner of the Devotional 'My Time with God,' and the silly pin cushion is Dayna. So, Dayna if you will send me your address, this will go in the mail to you.

Actually, Dayna was the only one who posted a
comment on this giveaway, so it was a pretty easy choice.

Congratulations Dayna and thank you for spending time with me.

The next prize (remember, I said I was giving away a small laundry type of gift).

Here it is. A cute Laundry Room print with hearts, clothes baskets flowing over with laundry and clothes hanging on the line (I miss my clothes line) framed nicely in a 4 1/2" x 11" silver beveled frame.

Alright already! The winner is Cathy of Illinois!

I took all comments posted after the 15th and entered them into my random number generator and Cathy won!

Look for February's giveaway to be posted between now and the 3rd as today is a very busy day for me!

Thank you for all who continue to follow my blog!

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