Wednesday, February 18, 2009


What is it about leftovers that evokes such a huge display of emotions? Just bring up the fact you are having left overs for dinner and some people will say you are sick, others will opt to not come to dinner and others will go out to eat.

Why? I was raised on left overs, once a week. Not the pop in the microwave kind either! We got our choice and to us it was like having buffet dinner!

My husband's father refused to eat left overs period!

My husband will eat what he wants when it comes to left overs, he loves left over hamburger gravy, fried spaghetti (left over spaghetti heated in a skillet with a bit of oil) and chili. The rest of the time, he snarls if he see's them on the table.

My youngest son won't touch them at all. He just refuses to eat them period!

My oldest son lived off them when he came in late from work at night and I couldn't survive without them for work lunches.

I know it is because some people don't like the texture of food after it is in a microwave, some others worry about the plastic containers, but I don't always heat my food up in the microwave, depending on what it is or how much there is to warm up.

If you don't like plastic containers, there are glass ones with elastic lids or the old fashioned pyrex dishes with glass tops.

With the economy going the way it is, I can almost bet many people who didn't cook or eat leftovers will now have to start to save money.

Because, I don't know about you, but the extra $13 the president is putting in all our paychecks, won't fill my gas tank, won't buy groceries, it won't allow us to eat out, it is just the leftovers he feels we should take, while giving all the Filet Mignon to the banks!

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