Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Please Answer This Question

I have already put in my order for this years Christmas gift. I told him I wanted a new sewing machine and it has to be one that takes lessons to learn. Seriously, I am so tired of having machines that don't do the job & having 3 that can only do the job partially, I have to ask...

What brand of sewing machine do you use?

What model of that brand of sewing machine do you use?

What features on your machine can you live without?

What features on your machine do you think should be standard on all machines?

If you could choose any brand of sewing machine besides the one you have, what would it be and why?


If you are a quilter:

Do you own a quilting frame?

What brand and model?

What do you like and dislike about it?

If you do not own a frame, how do you do your quilting?

I wanted to purchase a QSnap frame a few months ago, but hubby thinks the look a bit flimsy and he doesn't like the idea that they can't fold up when not in use.

Let me know your opinion!


grammy said...

You mean there are other brands besides Singer???

Dayna said...

I own a 45 year old Singer (wouldn't purchase a new one today though), a Bernina and a Babyloc serger. I also have a treadle machine to fall back on if the power is out!
I could probably live without the fancy stitches on the Bernina. The Singer was a basic machine when I got it. All machines should allow you to drop the feed dogs.If I could get another machine it would be a Phaff. Nice heavy duty standard industrial strength with a walking foot attachment.
I do not have a quilting frame.

Sarah C said...

I have a Brother SE 270D it is an embroidery/sewing machine that comes with some disney designs already built in.

It comes with an automatic threading feature that doesnt work...but it also has automatic thread cutting at the touch of a button that I dont know how i lived without before this.

I use this to sew everything one, and use it to quilt.

I also have a Pfaff 4862 serger that i love. I am still learning on it, but i it is great. It has made making clothing SO much easier. I knew I wanted a serger, but just didnt know how helpful it would be.

I hope you get something you really love!!! I would recommend a machine with a variety of stitches, a great in store warranty, and a nice deep throat so that you can quilt on it...and auto thread cutting if you can =)