Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Letter I

How does that old saying go? If you can dream it, you can imagine it or it can come true, I never remember things like that! But it goes hand in hand with our word or letter for today and that is imagination.

We should all used our God given talents to our fullest extent in our homes and with today's economy in our budgets, with gifts, etc.. What I am seeing is a sense of urgency to go back to a simpler time and that isn't so bad is it?

Yesterday my grand daughter brought home a hand made valentine card, it was the queen of hearts card with pipe cleaners for arms and legs and a red paper heart for a head with a happy face on it. Now, that was someone using their imagination!

When I put a quilt together, I am using my God given talent to come up with colors, scheme and design to create a finished product and that takes using my imagination. While many times I am using a design I have seen in a book or magazine, I do not follow the original colors, background, etc. I make it my own.

When we rearrange our furniture, paint a wall, plant flowers, play with a child, we are all using our imagination.

Some of us are more gifted in areas than others, but we still can use what talents God has given us to stretch our budgets, save a few dollars, make a child smile, make extra money.

The Bible tells us to some God has given wisdom, words, healing and to others he has given the gifts of prophesy, writing, artistic, homemaking, etc.

Yesterday, I received a note that during the memorial service of our friend Arnold, all the speakers wore a pair of his suspenders and his wife loved it. Now, that was someone using their imagination.

Go out today and use your imagination and don't worry about what anyone else says. After all, I painted my house purple and I like it and that is what counts!

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