Friday, February 20, 2009

Meet A New Quilting Face...

I always like to meet new people and see all the wonderful quilts they are making. I like to ask people questions and have questions asked.

Most of you know that I enjoy Patrick Lose, a wonderfully talented man who has done so much in his life with cross stitch, quilts, fabrics that you just have to visit his blog (on the side line) to enjoy his work, his wit and his sense of humor.

Now meet John, a man who is married and quilts! Oh, I can't wait to talk to him. I just think it is so

So, thanks to Sarah over at Sarahs Corner, meet John over at Qu
ilt Dad.
My husband just doesn't understand the entire 'stash,' thing, working hour after hour on my quilts, I wonder if John's wife understands? Perhaps she is a quilter? I am thinking I will have to ask him a few questions, but the work he does is beautiful!

Amazing quilts and a great blog. Tell him you came via myself and Sarah's Corner!

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