Friday, February 20, 2009

Here She Is, All Growing Up...

Here she is, our Miss Diva girl with that terrific smile and beautiful long hair and of course a purple dress. This was taken during Christmas when she received her Angel Tree gifts.

Today, I came in from work and she was so happy, her Papa and her were going to get their hair cut. What?? No, you can't I told her, but my husband said they had discussed it because she asked to have it cut today & it is 'her' hair after all.

We explained it doesn't grow back quickly and it can't be glued on & she persisted in having it cut so the bald babies can have it (children who are sick) and she had just enough hair to send to Locks of Love (10"). I couldn't go, I would have cried.

And her she is all growing up...notice closely, she has no top front teeth (she lost those recently) and all that beautiful long chestnut hair has been cut into the cutest little layered bob ever.
She came in the door, handed me her ponytail, flashed this beautiful big grin and took off out the door to show all the neighbors.

After all, a Diva isn't a Diva unless she has an audience!

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Sherry said...

She looks gorgeous! My Mallory lets her hair get long and then cuts it all off. I never want her to cut it and then when she does I love it short and she always does too.