Thursday, February 26, 2009

Snow and Babies

I know, I know, enough with the snow talk already, but I just can't help it, I love snow! I love the way the world seems so much more calm and peaceful on a snowy morning and yes, we got snow last night. If you want to call a very light dusting snow, but it is white and stuck on the ground, so snow it is!

What is it I like so much about snow?
- Seeing grown ups standing in their yards talking to each other holding steaming cups of coffee and watching the steam slowly curl out of the cup.

-Hearing children giggle as they run and play without a care in the world.

-Getting to wear heavy hoodies and my kicky new snow boots I got for Christmas.

-Baking cookies on a snowy day because it seems the right thing to do.

-Watching the sun cause the snow and ice to sparkle like diamonds in the morning.

Baby Update:
I got a call from my son this morning, no baby yet, but Katie is dilated to a 4 and in labor. The doctors decided to induce when the ultrasound should the little one to be almost 9 pounds. I feel like a horrible grandmother! I have a box full of things to send off, I am working on the last quilt and yet, I know this baby is coming into the world with nothing.

I have signed up for every baby giveaway I see because these parents need so much. My son is a cab driver and he gets paid daily. Katie works for a company that does not have any type of benefits so she will need to find another job and they need so much...diapers, bottles, formula (her WIC appt. isn't for another 2 weeks).

They want to try to move up here and I think we can handle that. What worries me is getting them up here. They don't have a car and I won't expose a new born to riding on a bus for 3 or 4 days.

Anyway, she is on her way and I will keep you posted!

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