Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Am Tossing In The Towel, Well Maybe The Mop

This morning was extremely difficult for me getting out of bed and I had to use my cane for the first hour to just be able to move around. Once I arrived at school, I felt my entire body was one big dull throbbing body ache. It hurt to move, it hurt to walk and concentrating on all the kids I felt like I just wasn't really in the room with them.

After lunch, it seemed to settle down and my mind wasn't so foggy but my body was still hurting. Will this ever just go away? I know I shouldn't be complaining, but I used to be the person that moved around a lot. Granted, abusing my body by working so many years on the night shift probably didn't help me any, but nothing I can do now but try to avoid working those hours again.

I have an acquaintance that is taking care of her 2 nieces who are junior high aged and I asked her to speak to them about the possibility of helping me around the house for a few days a month and maybe during the week. I need someone to sweep, mop and vacuum the floors upstairs only, clean the bathrooms and sweep the front and back porch. I am thinking it would take them less than an hour (my house is really small) and I would pay them $20.

It isn't at all as if I am lazy, I just can't do it anymore, the sweeping action hurts my arms and back to much and the bathtub kills me to get down and clean the tub, it needs to be put up on a pedestal so it will sit higher. What I worry about is that I seem to be loosing my ability to do the things I used to do and that scares me to no end.

I just feel that the joy has been sucked out of me lately and I don't know why and I don't like feeling like this or having to have someone come in and clean my home, but I can't and the kids are small still, they shouldn't be burdened with cleaning any more than their rooms.

Does $20 sound right? I don't know anymore!


jodi said...

I'm going to talk to my sister-in-law for you. so much of what you are saying makes my husband and I think of his sister before they were able to figure out what was wrong with her. I'm praying that they figure it out for you. It may not be the same but as I was reading it just all sounded so familiar to us both. I will get back to you after I talk wit her more.

grammy said...

Does your church have a youth group? Ours loves to take on projects to share the love of Christ with their hands and feet. It wouldn't hurt to ask your youth pastor if they would like to do a home missions project on an ongoing basis. You might get a team of helpers for free!