Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Best Part of My Day

In all my angst about being in pain, I forgot to share with you that this morning when I stopped in for coffee at the local AM/PM, there was a man behind me getting coffee, I didn't look at him as I was in a hurry and I rarely talk to strangers.

When I got up to the counter to pay for my coffee, I had this overwhelming feeling to pay for his. I glanced over and saw he was going through the change in his pockets (still at the coffee counter), perfect timing for me to pay for his coffee and leave. I did and just as I was pulling out of the parking spot, he looked over at me, raised his cup and said thank you with a quizzical look on his face.

That was the bright spot of my day, paying life forward and smiling as I did something random without being told or asked to do it. He drove off in a newer truck, but for all I know, he could be one of the over 200 loggers that has just lost their job. I will probably never know, but I know it made me feel good to give back.

The clerk told me, you know doing something nice, God will reward you. I wasn't doing it for a reward I told him, just to be nice. Well, my blessings were overflowing today!

-When I came home, there was a 'just because,' card in the mail from my friend John and it made my day and made me smile.
-I received an Email that the lady who I am buying the diaper bag from is also enclosing a check book cover and card holder (no extra charge)
-I was the lucky winner of a stack of beautiful fabric from Marguerita's giveaway at Crazy Shortcut Quilts

Life is good, sometimes we just have to dig for it and sometimes it is in the simplicity of life itself even if we aren't always feeling well!

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Cathy said...

This sounds like a great day! I have always thought about buying a cup of coffee for the person behind me, but never done it. Thanks for sharing your delights of the day. Cathy