Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Where is Dr. House When You Need Him?

Okay, I confess, this is NOT the real Dr. House, but his picture wasn't available on the clip art I use, so this picture will have to do.

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired and it is truly beginning to affect every aspect of my life! Where is Dr. House or at least someone like him when you need him? He does seem to have all the answers, so maybe it is his writers I am looking for, but someone has to give me some answers!


So, a few weeks ago I wake up and discover I have some feminine bleeding, very light but it is blood all the same. At first I think it is my mind playing tricks on me (I had a partial hysterectomy over 15 years ago).

However, later, it is confirmed that it is blood. It is spotty to say the least, then becomes darker like old blood and it is just scaring the snot out of me.

I see the Dr. she does an exam and finds zip, zero, nada, nothing, but sends me for a pelvic ultrasound. The ultrasound tech can't find my right ovary (the didn't take these when they did my partial). No bleeding at all during this test. Several hours later, I can barely move and there is more blood spotting.

The doctor calls me back several days later and says the ultrasound is negative and shows nothing. The bleeding is still there, one day all day, the next day nothing, some days spotty and I am scared to death! Where is it coming from? No one seems to know. I see my doctor on Friday.

In the meantime, my back is getting worse, last night I got up from bed and took a few steps and my back and leg locked up and I felt the worse pain ever and I could not move. My let wouldn't move, my back wouldn't move, I was crying and terrified that I had finally pushed my back to far and it was revolting.

I feel like my internal organs are being pushed forward, my stomach is distended (enlarged) and swollen, my feet and hands every morning are swelling more and more, my face and eyes are swelling and to be honest, I feel like the muscles are shrinking. To move my arm aches, to move my legs ache, to sit hurts, to stand hurts and no one can figure this out.

My weight keeps going up and up (I blame the meds) and the doctors tell me it isn't good for me and yet, they keep prescribing meds that cause me to gain weight.

I feel like my body muscles are made out of lead!

If anyone has any ideas...suggestions...I am open.

This stinks because I truly believed several months ago I had been healed from all of this, now it seems to have blown up bigger and more painful than ever!

I am sorry, but I am scared and praying someone has heard of the bleeding thing before, because no one in the medical field I have spoken with seems to know!


Dayna said...

Jean - I have no answers for you but will continue to keep you in my prayers.

grammy said...

You are going to the top of my prayer list. Only wish I knew something helpful. Dr. House I'm not.