Sunday, March 29, 2009

Do I Dare?

Many of you who read my blog know by now that I am preparing to have surgery sometime in June (the day or week after school is out) on my back. This surgery is going to be pretty intensive and keep me in the hospital for between 5-7 days and on light duty so to speak for about a month or longer.

To say I have mixed feelings on this is an understatement. I will be away from my hubby and grandchildren for this long and being Olympia is an hours drive away (2 hours round trip), I do not want hubby and the kids to drive back and forth. They will call me, I am sure about that. I hate being away from them for so long because it worries the oldest immensely when I am away.

I am not afraid of the surgery, the doctor I have is an amazing woman and very caring. But the drive home all that distance scares me as well as what happens when hubby goes back to work. I have a wonderful friend who I know will try to fill in if he can, but that is a lot to ask of someone.

I am happy to be having it, if the surgery is truly going to relieve all my horrible back, hip and leg pain that I have had for so many years that finally has just taken control of doing what it wants, when it wants. For example, I can go grocery shopping and be fine, but come home and the next day, my hip and feet are very tender.

After having rods and plate put in my ankle, I know kind of what to expect, what I don't know is how well my body is going to accept more metal. After my foot surgery, I had pain and swelling and the doctors were worried about blod clots because my good leg would swell literally like a huge balloon for no reason.

I am scared because we have all heard the horror stories of what happens to someone when their back is operated on, it gets worse. I am worried because I am very over weight and I know having the extra pounds on me isn't going to help the healing process.

But back to my question of Do I Dare? I am thinking of allowing my hubby and my friend John be guest bloggers while I am down and they can fill you in on my progress. However, these 2 love to see how much they can embarrass me in front of others and giving them carte blanche with my blog, well lets say, I get what I deserve if I allow these 2 funny guys to fill in for me.

Don't believe me? I took them both with me one time to buy glasses, I was laughing so hard and so red faced because they had off the cuff comments to say about each frame I tried on, how they looked and of course they wanted me to wear the most dorky glasses they could find. When we are all together, every word I say has to be carefully thought of or I am opening myself up to their silliness and guys brand of humor.

While I love them both dearly and have known them for so long (28 years at least), I get them and we all have great fun when we are together laughing and joking around. However, I am not sure if any of my readers would be offended by their brand of humor.

Example...I am 19 months and 13 days older than my husband which means I received my AARP several years ago while for some reason, they waited to send his until his 51st birthday. Hubby has always called me his 'old' lady and it has always been a joke between us. Just as he loves to tell the grandchildren I knew Gods mother, I had a pet dinosaur when I was a child, etc. I know he does it with love and humor. However, he has made many a female very upset with his jokes even though I was right next to him laughing.

Think I am joking? We were at a thrift store years ago buying an iron when he asked the lady at the counter if I could get the senior citizen discount. The woman was so mad, she refused to sell us the iron unless he apologized to me. I was laughing so hard by then, I had tears in my eyes, but she wasn't laughing, she was upset!

One of his co-workers years ago, got so upset when he called me that, she wouldn't talk to him for days and she even called me at home. I asked her what she wanted me to do since technically, I am older than him and that made me his 'old' lady and then lets not forget for years we have owned Harleys & way back when we started riding, it was a common nickname for wifes of bikers or girlfriends.

So, if you all can bear up under their humor, I will give them access to my blog. Who knows, when I get back, you may prefer them over me as they really are wonderful guys!


Sarah C said...

I say go for it!!!

Ask, or beg if you must, for them to be on their best behavior, if they can, and see what happens.

They always say that laughing is a great way to heal, so maybe you will get a few fun stories out if it to help you along you way to feeling better after surgery!

Glen said...

I'm sure the men will be entertaining, if not informative. Praying for you, friend.