Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Break, Day Three

Today was nothing like the sunny beautiful day we had yesterday. Nope, typical for this part of Washington, it was rainy, gray and cold, so the kids and I stayed in and did our own things really.
I was up early and got all my daily chores done for the day, then I worked on hand quilting the large quilt I am trying to get done but thinking it will never be finished. When I got tired of that, I read to the kids and they read back to me.
We had Quesidilla's for lunch and then played Wii for a bit until I gave up in defeat and decided to work on my never ending cross stitch quilt which just actually may be finished tomorrow or the next day for sure! I can't wait to put that last stitch in and say it is finally finished!
Hubby asked tonight what I was going to do with myself once that is done because while we have been watching television in the evenings, I have been cross stitching. I told him I was going to buy a large quilt frame and work on projects in the basement. Oh! I only wish!!
But, not all is lost, I hope to be picking up a new cutting table and mat at Joann Fabrics this week and that will finally give the kitchen table and my back a break and allow me to finally put up some of the bins I use in the living room away!
The kids all got baths today and I think they rather enjoyed splashing and playing in the tub in the middle of the day and the Tom boy actually let me put pig tails in her hair and paint her nails. Wow!

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