Saturday, March 28, 2009

Its That Time of the Month...

No sillies. Not THAT time! The time of the month when I start thinking that payday is right around the corner and that means two things around this blog house.
1- It is time to reveal my chosen 'handmade' purchase(s) of the month.
2- Time to remind everyone that there is still a few days left to post a comment for March's giveaways.

Maestro, drum roll please...The chosen businesses of the month I am supporting are:
KC Soap Company in Bend, Oregon where they make soap with goats milk and shea butter in dreamy scents like Blackberry Sage and Chocolate and Lilac. I can't wait to order these and share with you my opinions.

The second is Nancy's Needles and Pens Etsy shop also out of Oregon that sells baby bonnets and booties. With our latest grandchild living in Arizona and it being in the 80's and no car, baby needs a stroller bonnet.

While things are lean all over, I am still doing my share to purchase handmade items to help others. If all goes well, I will also be treating myself to a cutting table and mat I found on sale at Joannes.

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