Monday, March 23, 2009

JP Morgan Buys What?

I am furious! Are any of you as upset as I am that not only did AIG give bonuses and still are giving bonuses while congress is trying to figure out how to get the egg off their faces, but now JP Morgan who took I believe $12 billion dollars in our money (tax payers money) are buying new corporate jets (they have 4 now, but want newer ones) and building a new multi-million dollar hangar to keep them in.

We as Americans are being DUPED! Stand up and shout loud enough to be heard! Write directly to President Obama and let him know your outrage. Let your congressmen/women, representatives, senators know you are unhappy. If you live close enough to their offices, take that trip and tell them how unhappy you are!

When the bail outs first began and the big three automakers would not give congress the business plans they requested, I drafted a family business plan and repayment plan to everyone I could think of, from Nancy Pelosi to my congressional leaders. Know what I got back? Absolutely, a huge goose egg. Not a letter,nothing with the exception of my representative whose office called to tell me they couldn't pay off or erase my federal school loan and that I am and always will be responsible for that.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, does that sound right to all of you? While banks and financial institutions are taking more and more of our hard earned tax dollars and while we are getting a pitiful $13 tax break or credit in our paychecks (supposedly), people are loosing their jobs from the disasters the banks caused, people are loosing their homes and we are going to continue to sit around and watch Rome burn while Nero fiddles?

This is an outrage and I am angry! I can't get the money I need in the form of a stimulus check and yet, JP Morgan not only got money from all of us, they are laughing as they fly in luxury using our money.

Sadly, we are sometimes like Leemings following a leader who doesn't realize they are going to be falling off a cliff at any moment.

On the other hand, if you have money you want to give away, contact your local church and let them know or just send it to me, I can use the extra cash to really pay off my bills!


grammy said...

Oh Compassionate Quilter, breathe...breathe! Bless your heart, you are late to the party. All the people who voted to ALLOW these bonuses are now expressing outrage that AIG took them at their word and handed them out!
But hey, the taxpayers have deep pockets. And I am confident that our new government will not be deterred by a little thing like public outrage. I am confident that they will keep giving this country away until there is not a stitch left to call our own. Then, when the national debt equals the gross national product, we will be owned by the foreign governments who loaned us the money to make these bailout payments. (You didn't know we were spending borrowed money??)

Rannyjean said...

Oh yes Grammy, I knew. But it still angers me that these businesses seem to think they can do anything and get by with it. At least I can't be blamed for this mess, I didn't vote for the current power or the last one! So shameful!