Saturday, March 14, 2009

Men Are From Mars, Women are...You Know!

It has been a strange week. Midway through the week my husband came up to me and told me he needed to apologize to me for something and while I am wracking my brains to think what on earth he was talking about or sorry for, he amazes me by saying he was sorry for the times he came home complaining about the house being cold because I hadn't started the fireplace lately and he realized that I come home from work everyday to a cold house. He of course was forgiven because I never give it a thought.

Then on Friday, we go and have our eyes examined at a placed called Broadway Optical. They took our co-pay without checking our insurance first and we found out as we were picking out our glasses that our optical insurance doesn't cover this office. I was dumb founded. I checked out the web-site before contacting them to make sure they were covered. They said they would contact us Monday to let us know what would happen. Well, we go home, I re-check the site, what I did was called Broadway Optical instead of Grays Harbor Optical on Broadway. Hubby and the correct office stated it was an easy mistake and apparently it happens all the time to others.

Yesterday, I had had it with my kitchen, I can't take it any longer, I hate it. So, I called our local community lumber company and set an appointment to have them come out next week and measure. From there, we will pick out our cabinets, counter tops, sink, faucets, etc. and be given a price for the remodel.

Then I called the gas company to find out what it would cost to run a gas line from the street to the house...not to bad and under $1000. What I didn't realize is all the work involved once it gets to the house. So, that is on the way far future.

Hubby came in and gives me a really odd look and I asked him what that was for. Very seriously he asks me, 'did you come into a pile of money I don't know about?' Huh?? Seems he thinks I came into winning the lottery because of the estimates I was getting. I laughed and told him no.

I am getting estimates so I know how much money it is going to cost me and start saving that money up. The one thing I know is with the lumber company they have a company where you can order your kitchen piece by piece and if that is what I have to do to get rid of my cabinets, then so be it.

A few weeks ago he wanted to know if women were connected by some invisible umbilical cord. When I asked him what that was about, he said he was talking to a customer and telling her he was installing a new dishwasher and she asked him if I was getting new cabinets as well. I had been telling him we couldn't get one without the other and then she doesn't even know us and asks, he is pretty sure that we women are from another planet!

Well, gotta run, hubby should be home shortly and I need to get the fireplace going! LOL!

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Blessings each day said...


I enjoyed your blog and also noticed that you take flexeril. It was prescribed for me when my scatic nerve decided to pay me a visit. I did some research online and decided to try ginger root tablets (at any health food store) and ginger root and sugar pieces (let me tell you, it has a "kick" so take plenty of water for the real ginger root! Anyway, it worked and I took myself off the flexeril!
Blessings to you,