Friday, March 13, 2009

Maybe It Will Catch On

I was in the eye doctor this morning for a routine eye exam and new glasses. Both hubby and I had to get new glasses and I am happy to say our eyes are fine!

While I was in there, the conversation about the wealthy people who have lost so much during this economy and what a shock it would be for them to live in most of the homes we all live in without hired help and having to go into stores that do not cater to their every whim. What a shock it truly must be.

Then I told the doctors assistant about my plan to gather people together to help each other pay off our homes. It would just be a snowball effect because once your home was paid off you would be able to contribute at least half of your old monthly house payment to someone else and not be hurting.

She thought it was an amazing idea and said it would work great if we knew two things for sure:
  1. We would need to make sure once someone's home was paid for they would continue to contribute to helping the others do the same thing.
  2. Secondly it would have to be done in such a way that everyone knows their home will be paid for and when.
I told her that is why I thought it should start with churches or some other entity that people would trust. It would certainly mean that someone would have to trust me or us to see to it that this was done and when the cash was collected, it would be sent directly to the mortgage company so the contributor would know instantly they owned their home free and clear!

Their would definitely have to be a cap set for the home amount such as $200,000 left owing as no one wants to be paying off a million dollar home for someone. If you own a million dollar home chances are you can afford to pay it off on your own or weather the recession.

You can check his blog out here:
Mr. Levy spent a lot of time recently walking around BID Hospital trying to figure out a way to save money and save peoples jobs. What he realized is that every worker is intertwined with another and they work as a team to make the patients hospitalization a good experience.

Mr. Levy then held a meeting of employees and asked them what they would be willing to give up so no one gets laid off. Now, some people are slamming him stating he is only asking nurses and therapists to give up their salaries and the article I read didn't say whom else, but I do know he has had people asking him to not give them a raise, to take vacation without pay, take an extra day off during the week without pay. Yes, I am sure he makes millions or close to it for the job he does, but he took a pay cut in 2008 I believe someone had said.

But, if you go to his blog, ask him directly is he and the rest of the administration is cutting their pay and the way they do business.

All I know is this man has a hospital deficit not caused by his own doing but caused by the recessions and the Madoff Scheme and people are not giving as much money to BIDH as they have in the past. Paul Levy is saying lets work together and see if we can save jobs. Who else has said this or asked it? If anyone else has, I haven't heard about it yet and that doesn't mean it hasn't happened & if it has, why hasn't it been printed so others can read this?

When I was a police dispatcher for the city of Goodyear, Arizona, they had a wonderful policy in which you could donate your sick and vacation time to another employee in need. I donated quite a bit of time during my tenure there knowing that if I got sick and needed more time, it would be there for me.

We need to realize people's lifes are in stake at this time, if you loose your home and you have children, you are on the streets with those kids. I am saying lets bring to light the good news and not always talk about the bad news!

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