Thursday, March 12, 2009

Well, Not As Productive As Planned

I really had so many plans today to be super productive, but didn't get much of what I really wanted done. You see, I am a compulsive cleaner and that means when I start in an area, I can't stop until it is super clean. Today, all I wanted to do was do some laundry and work outside, but once I got on a roll with the laundry, I decided the area next to the basement fireplace needed cleaning, which led to sweeping, vacuuming the floors and furniture, shaking the rugs, vacumming the stair well. Then, I touched up the stairwell paint, finished painted the trim and primered the door.

I then went into hubbies office and cleaned all the dust webs off his ceiling, walls, dusted all his pictures, vacuumed his blinds, opened the windows, emptied the trash, the paper shredder, dusted his desk off, picked up all the little and big tools and put them away where they belonged and vacuumed his floor.

When that was done, I had hubby carry the vacuum upstairs and I went outside and cleaned off the front porch and steps which have outdoor carpeting on them & threw all the trash away that had been laying around all winter. Fixed up an area of hazardous recycling things such as batteries and paint & then began cleaning shrimp for dinner.

I prepared 2 dinners, one for me and one for hubby and the kids and went back downstairs to work on more laundry.

So, the back deck didn't get cleaned, the hook didn't get hung and my entire upstairs area is a disaster.
But tomorrow is another day and if God permits, I will be up early so hubby and I can get our eyes checked and new glasses (shudder the cost, but we have it saved up). Hubby says he will take the kids bowling tomorrow as they get out of school early and it will give me some alone time to finish cleaning.

OH YEAH! I almost forgot, we got guitar hero and I played about 6 games of that learning to work it and loosing, but for once, it was nice to be able to play for awhile and not feel guilty about my messy house.

Yes, I am still looking for people's input about working together during this economic crisis to help each other pay our homes off. Am I crazy? But I still believe this is a workable plan with the right amount of people involved and the right amount of money, we could pay homes off once or perhaps even twice a month. I mean, if my home was paid off, I would be able to help someone else because I wouldn't have a mortgage payment and if we didn't have mortgage payments, we could help others quicker.

Just think, the banks wouldn't need a bail out because they would be getting paid, people could breath easily once again perhaps without worrying about loosing their home and we would have accomplished more than the banks, major auto makers and others in dire straights have ever dreamed possible.

I believe it could be done, what is your thoughts?


Sharon said...

My goodness! You were the white tornado! That is what my husband calls me when I get on my compulsive cleaning sprees, of which I was on one of them the other day. ;-) My muscles paid for it the next several days. Hope you aren't suffering from all that work!

grammy said...

Can you come see me?? Been taken off all my RA meds now, and cleaning is getting to be too much for me! I'm afraid folks just don't trust each other any more. Your idea would work just fine, but it calls for faith. I'm afraid folks are losing it.