Thursday, March 12, 2009

This,That and Then Some

This has not been a blog worthy week. I am entering day #4 of the Flat Belly Diet and the only thing I seem to dislike about it is that it allows for only one snack during the day and that is between breakfast and lunch. My problem is between about 3:00 and dinner time, I am starving! So, I modified it a bit and have added a small afternoon snack of a cheese stick or raisins or nuts, just something to ward off the hunger monster!

I have also changed NSAID's and nighttime muscle relaxants back to Mobic and Flexoril and while 5 mg. of Flexoril does nothing, the 10 mg. dose seems to toss me on my behind for most of the morning and leaves me groggy. I am adjusting the time I take them in the evening to see if that will help.

Today, hubby and I have work off together. Whoop, whoop! So that means if the sun comes out, perhaps we can get the back deck cleaned off and the railing put back together. It means today I will get my second apron hook put up and if hubby will be so good as to carry the laundry to the basement, I will do laundry and clean house a bit.

I just don't seem to have any energy since I gave up the good old caffeine in the morning! My problem wasn't that I drank a cup of coffee, it was that I drank a cup of flavored coffee and all that syrup and stuff adds up to calories and I really need to loose weight.

I am going to order the Arthritis Foundations exercise video and I am seriously considering buying the ab roller or the bean. I used to have a rower that worked great and got me motivated. I was thinking the ab roller might help ease my back problems during sit-ups. UGH!

Hubby asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year and I am seriously giving thought to telling him I would love a treadmill that folds up. I am also talking to two of our girl scout mothers about starting a walking group in the evenings.

Interesting today that while I was doing my devotions, it was on our material possessions. I had just read that Madoff pled guilty to fraud and for bilking so many people out of every penny they had and what flashed before my eyes was a yacht, a large yacht in the middle of the stormy seas and it was being tossed to and fro and all of a sudden it split open and the man and the helm was struggling not to save himself, but his yacht.

Today, isn't this what we do? We fight and scratch to accumulate possessions and junk and we don't think about accumulating spiritual riches, the ones that will carry us into heavens gates. When we die none of this is going to matter. So, it seems once more a good time to say, we need to band together as a group, as a church as friends and help each other pay our homes off.

These homes are our refuge when Christ should be, they are our shelter from storms when Christ should be and keeping them from going back to the bank many times is what is keeping us from getting on our knees and giving our hearts, body and minds to Christ. We need to make Christ the center of our lives and the Bible tells us to help one another, to help the widows and orphans, not the lazy or greedy.

I feel we could all benefit from this challenge I am putting out. But we must keep our group small and help those in need the most and we must be able to differentiate between those in real need and those that bit off more than they could chew because they got greedy.

I am NOT asking you to send me money, I am asking you to talk this over with your pastors, your friends, your co-workers. It may sound like a crazy idea, but it sure beats giving money away to people like Madoff and since everything in the economy seems to be tanking, wouldn't it be nice to have your home paid off free and clear? Then if you pass on to heavens gates, you can leave it to your children.

Just a few more posts before I reach #500, watch for it and the giveaway that will go along with it!

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