Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Crazy Idea...Pay Our Homes Off

After watching this week-end the continuing train wreck of AIG and how the administration is attempted to reign them in, I am further convinced that we as American tax payers can do so much more good for our country than AIG or than the paltry $13 extra we are supposed to be gaining in our paychecks. For me, it equals out to $156 for the year. BIG WHOOP!!

I have presented my idea on this blog, I have talked to teachers, neighbors, friends, physicians personnel , strangers and I have even sent off letters to local churches trying to get people to understand and believe my idea can be done and we can do it much better than anyone else can.

I suggested churches at first because many of you think I have flipped my lid. Nah! That happened years ago, so you don't need to worry if I have lost it or not! HAHA!!

If you explain to people what you want to accomplish, just think how much of a blessing you could be to each other and to show the nations leaders and the banking industry how little we truly need them to move forward.

My husband and I are not wealthy by any means, but we are both blessed to be working during this tough economy. We have taken the steps we need to pay our bills off. We took our entire tax refund and paid off in totality fourteen (14) creditors. We are planning with my next check to pay off another one. That still doesn't keep the wolf away from calling us daily for money, but we are doing our best. Now, if we didn't have a mortgage payment, we could pay everyone off quickly and reach out and help those in need!

How simple is this plan? We all reach out to help each other pay our mortgages off. Give us all a sense of empowerment and help many to be able to relax should they loose their jobs. If you are a large church, work in small groups to do it. Grandparents raising grandchildren could reach out to each other, families could band together and do it and it could really catch on.

Think of walking into your mortgage company and paying your home off in cash! Then the following week another person does it and another and another, pretty soon, the mortgage companies would wonder what was happening and what a blessing to others. What a testimony to our faith and to our Lord and Savior.

It takes trust and I realize that, but how much better to reach out and trust each other in faith than continually rely that next week there will be a paycheck, next week the economy will get better, next week AIG won't be talking out both sides of their mouth. We can do this and we can do this NOW!!

It is scary isn't it? I mean trusting someone with your money? Giving a stranger $100 or $200 to help pay their mortgage? But if there is a large group of you and everyone agree's to it and you pay 10, 30, 100 homes off and one person falters, you have still been successful! If the first person whose home is paid off is a widow on social security and all you have done is give her peace of mind and a bit more money in her pocket for food, have you not been successful?

I watched a Yahoo news clip this week-end of a former CEO that made $750,000 per year, more than I make in many years and probably more than many of you make in the same period of time. What stunned me was that he and his family are still in the home they purchased or were making payments on though it had gone into foreclosure 2 years ago. They talked about having over $100,000 in credit card debt. I think I am a bad person because combined with my house payment, car payment, school loans and debts I have over $200,000. But just to have $100,000 in credit card debt boggles my mind!

What I thought interesting was his wifes comments, when they asked her...she said, we had it all, the vacations to Aspen, golf at the country club, etc. I do not think she is or was working, but it was apparent to me these people were making tons more money than many of us ever will and they still over extended themselves. They had the means to pay their bills monthly and yet, they squandered their money with luxuries that many in that pay bracket do. Now, he is delivering pizza for a living!

What stood out more than their greed in my eyes, was the purity that someone realized how difficult this would be on their children and anonymously paid for those children to continue their education at a private school. What do you want to bet that school is costing more per year than many of us owe on our mortgages? If a stranger can do this for a family, to save these children from the pain and anguish of having to attend public school at this time, why can't we reach out to each other and pay off mortgages?

I understand some of you may have already lost your jobs, some may be living on a fixed income, but think of the freedom you could have it you didn't have to worry about having your home taken out from under you. I can almost guarantee, the mortgage company or banks that we have, won't give us two years before we are on the street.

Won't you join with me in spreading the news? Talk to others and lets begin to move forward and show others than this economic crisis is bringing people together, complete strangers that are working to pay each others homes off.

I know without a doubt, if my husband looses his job, we no longer have a home. While I work, I do not make enough to pay a mortgage payment of $1100 per month and that was on a home that we purchased for $150,000 with a 5.4% interest rate with good credit, good down and paying off our truck. Now, we don't even have the credit to refinance. I am not saying this so you will feel sorry for me, I am saying this because many of us are in the same situation.

We can do something about it, we can speak out and let others know. No one is going to anonymously pay off my mortgage, but if I can find others that believe this can be done and we work together, eventually, I will see the fruit of my labor and the fruit of your labor and we can be strong and mortgage free together!

God Bless and know I am praying for all who have told me of their needs!

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