Sunday, March 22, 2009

Egg Salad Sandwiches and The Past Few Days

How do you turn a pot of eggs into egg salad sandwiches instead of deviled eggs? You have your husband come home for lunch and say, 'those look like egg salad sandwiches for dinner.' I told him, 'you bring the bread, I'll make egg salad.' So it has been in our home the last 4 days, a relaxed and much needed break from the daily work and worries.

Last week was teacher conferences, so I usually do not have much work to do since it is only partial days, but I did get the honor of working in a special education class with some wonderfully gifted children that just brightened my day. I was even told by the class assistant, that I was the blessing she had prayed for that morning and that the children never react favorably to a sub as they did with me. Praise God for that blessing, because I have no formal training & felt very overwhelmed at first.

Well, if you want to count the fact I worked my lunches during junior high at a special school for the disabled and that I raised a very independent 25 year old son who has Autism, then maybe I have some training, but the truth is, I just try to treat everyone with dignity and respect and they in turn respond with smiles and hugs. Now, that isn't a bad pay rate!

Thursday morning we chilled and caught up with our favorite show of late, Boston Legal. I got fit for my new glasses and hubby picked his up and then we went and picked up the children from school. We had a light dinner of homemade chicken pot pie and watched more television. I have taken all this time to work diligently on my Christmas cross stitch project that is over 3 years in the working.

Wednesday, I attended childrens conferences and they are all doing so well. One of them is going to be tested for the gifted program in a few weeks, the others are doing exceptionally well. Our little first grader diva girl is reading at almost second grade level and her math skills are improving daily. Baby boy has finally settled into the kinder groove and doing great!

Friday was busy. We had the cabinet man out to measure our kitchen and give us some ideas for new cabinets and he gave us some great ideas. We will be sealing a doorway up in the kitchen to the mudroom and opening it into the living room, thereby giving us more floor and wall space for cabinets. The other thing we will be doing is opening a long and narrow cabinet in the kitcen up and placing a door in the hall to access it. My home is very small, so taking 2 more steps to the hall from the kitchen, won't hurt anyone.

I made the wonderful trip into Olympia on my own. I had so wanted to take Jerry to dinner for his birthday, but he wouldn't travel with me which I deeply regreted when I hit the worse rain storm in the Black Hills. The rain was pouring, my wipers were at high and I still couldn't see more than three foot in front of me. The water was puddling up on the roadway, but I kept asking the Lord to just get me through this.

I made it and as is common in our area, once you leave the Black Hills, you find the weather has calmed down. My gynecologist I was informed was at the hospital with three patients in labor and one was expecting twins. I waited about thirty minutes and she returned. All I can say, is I had a biopsy which I felt nothing at all and then some silver nitrate for the area and after 15 years of no cramps, I remembered what they felt like. The trip home was very painful!

I had stopped by the local store and called home, we needed bread and I picked up a birthday cake. So, we had grilled cheese sandwiches and presented the cake and gifts to hubby. It was a nice evening and we all sat around and played games while I relaxed on the couch taking Ibuprofen.

Yesterday, we went to the library and brought home 12 new books and one is Little Women, what a classic tale to read to the children at bed time. I completed my new sewing apron, worked on a quilt I am making for the latest granddaughter. I hope to have it completed today and pictures presented and I worked on tying another quilt.

Today we are going to church and having a pot luck! Have a great week-end!

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