Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Vacation, Day #4

First of all, many thanks to all of you who have sent me positive responses about letting the two guys be my guest bloggers while I am in the hospital. Oh, I can see it now, hubby is already plotting revenge for all the times I have bugged him and the wheels are turning. Is it to late to back out of my offer?
Today was a super wonderful day and I loved every minute of it. I love living in a small town most of the time and I love knowing so many people and seeing everyone working together, but when I get into Olympia, I feel I am in my element because it is a smaller large town and the people in Olympia are just so down to earth.
The morning was hectic as the 3 little ones and I prepared for our trip by filling up with gas and then a stop at the bank to make a deposit and then I saw hubby and oh damn! It reminded me that I had left my cell phone at home sitting on the desk, so I had to turn around and go back home and then start over again.
I took my 35mm camera and telephoto lens and stopped at a view point in Aberdeen and took shots of the Weyhauser Mill yard across the river. What was once a bustling full lumber yard has huge empty spots and I want to document that loss for some reason. I don't know why, I personally didn't know anyone who worked at the mill, but it is as if the lumber leaving is sucking the life right out of this town and then, you go to Olympia and see there still is life!
I stopped by School Daze and picked up two girl scout books we needed and some home schooling books to fill the coming summer up with lessons. I wanted more, but some of those books are really expensive!
From there, I went to Joann Fabrics and picked up my new cutting table and mat. A regularly prices $169 dollar table for $70 less was too much of a bargain for me and the mat was $30 off and then I picked up a few different thimbles to see how I might like them and some thread holders for embroidery.
Then, it was onto Target and I love Target stores and the kids and I just really took time to look around since we there to buy a Wii fit or should I say to see if they had any. They did and I had the clerk hold it and then we went to eat.
I am learning portion control so I ordered a Happy Meal with the kids at McDonalds. We went back to Target and I picked out some nice invitations with lace and crosses on them and filled them out to send to friends for my sons wedding on April 29th. No, unfortunately, we can't afford to pay for all 5 of us to fly, so we aren't going and it is just a very small wedding.
After Target, it was time for my doctor appointment and knowing I was going to have a pelvic exam, I had the kids bring some books and small toys while they sat in the lobby. I told the receptionist, I did not expect her to babysit, they know how to behave and she wouldn't know they were there.
My exam was quick and NOT at all what I wanted to hear. I had to have another round of Silver Nitrate which causes me to have horrible cramping, but my doctor who is a wonderful woman, had her assistant bring me Advil for the trip home. They worked!
From the doctor I had already told the kids we would go to the park in Tumwater and they could run for a bit while I took shots of the old Olympia Brewery. It is so sad to see that place so broken down and empty after all the years of touring it as a child. My son wanted some pictures of it since he was born in Tacoma and is always asking me to send pictures.
I forgot, as we were leaving the doctors office, the receptionist opened her window and said, 'excuse me children, I want to tell you how nice it is that you three are so well behaved, thank you.' What a blessing to my ears!
We arrived home and talked to a neighbor for awhile, he is going to see friends and visit in California and we talked and chatted about how cold it has been the last few days since we had sun. It has been icy and windy and cold!
For dinner, we went to our local Casa Mia, a favorite and very busy Italian place we like to go and relax and have a nice meal.
Tomorrow, we are headed back out of town in another direction, I will tell you all about it when I post tomorrow.
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grammy said...

Spring break is a bit of a challenge for me, because I thought I was going to be free. My brother and his wife wanted me to come down to their b&b and spend a few days. But my daughter's schedule was changed, and so we are making the best of it! Sorry the doc visit wasn't better - but - it could have been worse! Hold on. Joy comes in the morning.