Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Vacation, Day #5

Yesterday was vacation day #5 and we once again had a very long drive. We drove into Chehalis to try to find another one of my grandchildren and were unsuccessful. We found the house and if that child is there, then she is living in a bad place. We have no more to go on than what the investigators are telling us when they track a lead down. The kids were great all the way there as we snaked our way into older areas where I knew she has known to haunt.

We also stopped by Burgerville and had a wonderful and relaxing lunch. I ordered the Anazasi burger which is a black bean burger with jalapeno cheese and a spicy sauce. I declined on the fries, ordered the kids kids means (chicken strips and the best hot dog ever I was told) and ordered a large chocolate cherry shake which we split 4 ways. Yummy!

I was a tad bit worried when we left town as it was snowing, but when we came home it was all rain. Around this part, you can go somewhere when it is snowing and wind up not coming back because the roads will close, but I was on a mission to find someone and the weather wasn't going to stop me.

We had dinner and I sat and watched American Idol! Oh my, Danny Gokey has such a beautiful voice and he always puts so much emotion into his singing, it was just amazing and then when I learned he lost his grandfather this past week, I was so sad, but I think he channels all of his emotions into singing!

We also set up the Wii fit and I way overdid when I did the hula hoop, but who can stop when you have 3 little ones chanting...go Ranny, go Ranny? Today, may back hurts, so I must remember fun and my back at the same time!

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