Thursday, April 2, 2009

Shhhh, The Letter Q for Quiet

Todays letter is the letter Q for quiet or quiet time with God. How many of us get so busy during the day we don't take that special time for God? The bible is very clear on this is Psalms 119: 'Blessed are those who seek Him with all their heart, walk in His ways, keep His ways, His commandments, His word and heart pure, not sin, rejoice and meditate on Him, have no contempt.'

I think as we are entering the Easter season, it is important to remember what Easter is about and why those of us have chosen to accept our Lord and Savior, because He rose again and before He did, He took our sins to the cross with His suffering so we didn't have to.

I wake up each morning and I say a prayer of thanksgiving for my waking up, the sun is out and I am alive. Then I sit up and thank Him for the pain I am feeling, because some people are paralyzed and can't feel at all.

I then move over to my desk where I read three daily devotions and meditate on what I am reading and what I believe the Lord wants me to take to heart that day. A few days ago it was a reminder that we all need to pray so we can prepare ourselves to minister to others. We are to quietly seek God before someone seeks us!

I don't always pray per se, I am more of a talker. When I travel on my own, I am always asking God how I am doing, am I on the right path He has set before me, if I see someone on the side of the road with a flat or car troubles, I always ask God to bless that person so their day only gets better. I open doors for people, I allow people to pull out in front of me, I talk to the homeless.

When I get discouraged and want to give up, tuck my tail between my legs and run away back to Arizona, God always reminds me I am here for a reason even if He hasn't showed that to me quite yet.

Yesterday, God used my son in prison to speak to me. I received a letter from him and he told me, 'Mom, God won't let you fall on your face, you know that, just think of all of this as a test and then he went on to tell me I over extend myself and need to stop and he sent me a copy of the poem Footprints. Wow! That was powerful and God delivered His message to me in a way He knew I would understand & when I was quiet!

Todays word? Joyce Meyers, 'Starting Your Day Right,' states 'If we pray before speaking, the Lord will keep us from overcommitting our time.' Now, that I have been told this twice, I know God is telling me something.

Amazing, if we are quiet, if our hearts are open, sometimes we hear God not with our ears, but with our eyes and we know He has spoken.

Have you taken the time today to get quiet and pray? It is very empowering!

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