Friday, April 3, 2009

I Haven't Forgotten

I know I have been quiet lately about my push to see if people in our dire state of economy right now can help each other pay off our mortgages. I also know while so many of you believe this is a great idea, you just don't think there is enough faith left out here for people to work together and show our government we can do things without them.

I haven't just exposed my lunacy on my blog, I have told people all over this area and Olympia about my thoughts from store clerks to receptionist and everyone loves the idea, they just don't know how to get it started.

Well, I have mailed out over 15 letters to local churches in my area, explaining that I feel we are being led by God to show others that we will not be slaves to anyone especially our lenders that are taking huge bailouts, issuing huge bonus checks and then very calmly foreclosing on our homes and kicking people to the street.

The horrible family crimes that have occurred in the news lately with entire families being wiped out completely due to peoples despondency over their financial situation warrants us not only as humans, but many of us who state we are Christians to stand up and find a way to help each other.

I know it would be impossible without Gods help, but even in Mega churches, groups of 10-20 could be set up. Smaller churches can take their membership list and work on everyone beginning with a certain date and when those are paid, then take on new members.

I have written letters to local churches in our entire county. I urge you to do the same. I haven't signed my name not out of fear, but out of the fact I do believe this is what God is telling us to do and I want God to have the glory and recognition when and if people start doing this, not me.

Spread the word, see what others think. I am 52 soon to be 53, call me crazy or eccentric, but I am really to old to worry about how kooky you think I am, I believe it is time to stand up and work together.

What if 30 people got together in a neighborhood that had high foreclosures and bought one home, cleaned it up and rented it out to someone that had a job, but bad credit history? Everyone would be the landlord and could make sure the upkeep on the yard, etc. was taken care of.

What about buying a small lot in town, putting a fence around it so animals can't get in and invite people to plant vegetables, fruits and tree's and donate money for the cost of watering? Take a small plot of land and put windmills on it and generate power for a small home.

We need to wake up and we need to work together before those we have voted for all over the United States begin to take things away from us as they are doing and no one seems to be minding.

We talk getting tough on immigration yet we allow our presidents family to live in our country illegally while she is waiting for her immigration trial and yet, others who have lived here much longer, own their own homes, have children in college, we are willing to ship them back over the border?

If that seems fair, I ask you to consider that the announcement to keep this aunt here came yesterday and today, in New York in an immigration center there is a hostage takeover and police stand off. Anyone want to bet me when it is all over and done with, it will be over someone who is frustrated with the way that one went down? There are people I have known from England that have lived here legally on a Visa for over 10 years and they are still not legal citizens because the immigration department is overloaded.

Several years ago in Arizona the local paper wrote about a woman from France whose mother was dying in France but she couldn't be with her because with her immigration status (she had lived here for many years, married an American man, they have children) if she went to France, she would have to start the entire process over again when she returned and she didn't even know when it would end.

We need to not only open our eyes, but our ears and hearts and trust each other. Many of us are disabled, ill, unemployed, working 2,3 and even 4 jobs to make ends meet. Many of us are only one check away from homelessness and that certainly isn't empowering to me. But how much better we would feel if we could get the mortgage monkey off our back.

Just crazy rantings from an old lady!

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