Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's Been A Beach Of A Day...

For those of you who live in areas covered by snow, my sincerest sympathies go out to you. However, since we have had the longest winter I think I have ever endured in my life, I rejoiced with today's weather and decided it was time the kids and I went to see how the beach was doing!

The above picture was taken between Grayland and Tokeland from a vantage point. I thought these 2 large boulder sitting on the beach amidst their own little pool was just stunning and had to take a picture. It was just one of those days where everything
looked exceptionally beautiful.

The kids brought buckets and sat and dug in the sand, Shy practiced skateboarding at the picnic area and they all worked together to fill their buckets with sea shells, rocks and Sand Dollars. They were collecting them so fast, I had to tell them to leave some for other beachcombers!

As you continue on past Tokeland on the way to Raymond, you reach an area where you can pull over and get this beautiful picturesque view of the point out near what I believe is Westport.

The drive is just relaxing and wonderful and I tried as much as I could to take as many pictures as I could as I was driving, but finding places to pull over isn't always easy!

I was lucky to catch the suns reflection on the water on both of these pictures and the ocean was a beautiful blue today, such a nice contrast from its usual gray in this area of the coast.

There were lots of hikers, walkers, bikers on the road and it was just the type of day for a nice long ride and the kids love it all!

This last picture they really liked the best because they it was taken just as we entered Raymond and that is where their Papa works and they were so excited to be there.

Unfortunately by the time we arrived, he was back in Aberdeen for the day.

There are more pictures to show you, but I will wait until tomorrow, after all, I don't want you to be overwhelmed with all this beauty at one time.

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Knitting Granny said...

Jean, dear! I've just been reading your posts from the last few days (I love your writing) and laughed out loud when I saw the date stamp on your pictures - my camera has the same "problem". I know how to fix it, I just keep forgetting.
I love your part of Washington state. Spent part of my growing-up years in Tacoma, and some of my favorite memories involve the trips we made to the coast. Thanks for sharing.