Monday, April 20, 2009

Its Monday

So, it is Monday and I am posting more pictures of our trip from yesterday. Okay, my bad, I took this one by just rolling down the car window and snapping the digital camera and yes, that is just as bad as talking on the cell phone, but I had no one behind me and I did slow down. This is another part of the western Washington Coast.

This one, I did pull over, but didn't get out of the car because the shoulder was so narrow I was afraid I would get hit.
As you are driving between Westport and Raymond, all of a sudden, the beach and ocean views end and you begin to get into the tree's a bit more. I just loved this picture because it was a contrast from spending all day at the beach and
then to see these beautiful trees and the scrub under them.

You also drive around and you can see where the ocean lite
rally meets the roads and becomes what I call a marsh or bog and I am sure the locals have a better word or the correct word for this, but you can see where the tide has gone out. Trust me when it is high tide in some places around this area, the water is and does come over the roadway and they have to close the roads.

The drive around the western Washington Coast isn't in a complete line and you must follow the roadway through many small towns such as Grayland, Aberdeen, Raymond, South Bend, but the feeling of complete and utter relaxation is so worth it!

And last, another beautiful picture of how the ocean was so blue and calm yesterday. It was so amazing because I have never been to the beach in 2 years where it was so blue and calming. It was as if even the ocean was taking a break from winter!

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