Monday, April 20, 2009

Wow! A Fun Workout

Okay, I admit it, when I am working out, I want to have some fun, laugh at myself, move and have great music to listen to AND I don't want to work out with people who work out all day at the gym as a hobby and can put Barbie to shame! I want to work out usually alone and with a video that has real people on it, young old, over weight, thin, long hair, bald and I want to know I can do it because they can do it.

This morning I decided I really needed to get back to working out a few times a week. Spring is here, I love walking the beach but usually hubby and the kids are busy with work and school. So, I went down to the television and turned on the 'On Demand' looking for a REAL workout, not one with Carmen Electra. Hey! Each to our own, but when I looked real good, I didn't look like her.

So I see something called Cardioke. Do you know about this? I can't believe as much as I loved doing Tae Bo before my Fibromyalgia put all that jumping around out of the question, that I have never heard of Billy Blanks Junior and his wife Sharon. I put it on and told myself I can do this and I DID IT!! You can check it out at:

When it was done, I was soaking wet with sweat (no ladies, it wasn't perspiration, it was eye stinging, dripping hair, wet shirt SWEAT) and I felt good. Then, I got a call to fill in for an afternoon class, took a quick shower and went to school to work! I even get to work tomorrow!! YeHa!!

I came home, ran a few errands and took a few packages to UPS to be mailed and believe it or not, I did a second work-out with Billy Blanks Junior. It is that kind of a video and so fun. I love the song his wife wrote at the end about being enough and being where we should be at this moment in time. I sing it and cry my eyes out, because it truly hits home.

It was another beautiful day here today and the one thing I love about the school I taught at today is that when there are beautiful days, the kids get extra time in their afternoon recess to stay outside and enjoy the sun.

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