Sunday, April 5, 2009

A New ECO (nomy,ology) For Dishwashers

This is just gross, it is a bowl of twelve hour old cereal that my wonderful sweet grandchildren forgot to rinse out before sticking it in the sink and no matter how much I plead with them to please rinse, they are small and they forget and this is no crime. Well, unless you call showing dirty dishes a crime.

But I am not showing you just one, I am showing you two. However, the one on the top was the worst of the two. Now I do not know about anyone else, but to me there is nothing worse to get off a dish than dried on cereal or oatmeal. It dries like hardened cement and to be honest, I really think it is a force that even a jack hammer couldn't beat at times.

When I saw these, the first thing that came to mind was all the articles I have been reading lately and hearing on the news about the residents of Spokane, Washington smuggling dish washing detergent into Spokane.

You read it correct people, they aren't smuggling outlawed booze, pets or drugs, but dishwashing detergent and they are bringing it in from (are you ready for this?) Idaho and surrounding counties. This is no laughing matter, people are very upset about a new law in Spokane that stores and businesses can no longer sell phosphate dish washing detergent.
Check out these articles on the subject:

I do not recall when phosphates were outlawed in laundry detergents, but I don't think my mom, myself or anyone I knew was going around smuggling in phosphate detergents. This is serious folks, there are little old ladies, single parents, people on disability, rich folk, poor folk, young folk, old folk, okay, you get the idea that are willing to smuggle detergent to save money.

Huh? Did I just saw to save money? It seems the problem the residents are having is whatever products are available to them are not cleaning the dishes, smell badly and some people are having to rewash dishes which is costing them more money in water and ultimately just as bad for the environment.

So, Palmolive ECO comes to the rescue. I do not live in Spokane, I live about 6 hours southwest of Spokane in Aberdeen. However, my husband just installed a new dish washer and purchased a bottle of Palmolive ECO for our dishwasher and here are my untouched results:

I decided to put this phosphate free dishwashing detergent to the test and normally, I pre-rinse my dishes and scrape them clean before they go into be washed.
However, I just tossed the gross cereal encrusted bowels into the dishwasher, and this is how they came back out. They are not just clean, but you can see, they are shiny clean! I am was amazed, I am very impressed. I have used other name brand products with phosphates and not had my dishes come out so clean.

Well, if there can be proof in the dishes, here it is. My recommendation to not only protect the environment but our home economies by saving you money in extra washings is this product hands down:

So, to the residents of Spokane and other communities that may soon be outlawing phosphates, go ahead and pick up a bottle of this and let me know what you think. Better yet, let Colgate Palmolive know what you think.
**Disclaimer** I understand many things could be different in your community as far as water and the salt content, hardness, processing, if you have well water. Our community does not have soft water that I am aware of and I do not own a water filtering or softening system.

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grammy said...

Oh Ranny Jean, I have been known to become a little psycho over dried cereal bowls! You're right, somebody should try a variant as a building material. One of my pet peeves, also.