Saturday, April 4, 2009

A New Look

There are some changes going around here at the Quilting Ranny blog and at our home and I hope you enjoy them and I will keep you posted on them as they roll in.

The first change you can see is I have a new picture for my blog, oh how I hated that other one. I was sitting outside today on the front porch and my granddaughter snapped this one off. Yes, you can see my purple house with its blue trim.

The first change I have made is changing my blog from a two column to a three column format to be able to put more information on it. I have also removed some more shops and blogs from my side bar if they are no longer active. Many of the Etsy shops I promoted have closed their shops, so if you do not have an active Etsy site, I am pulling it off my list.

While I am still actively looking for someone to be able to design my Etsy shop heading, I am making quilts and plans to have a grand re-opening hopefully in the next two months or so, keep your eyes open, there will be quilts and other items.

I am actively seeking corporate sponsorship for my blog and will keep you all updated to which corporations agree to sponsor me and right now I am looking for companies that are basically womens facial products and I am expecting big things from them!

I am also seeking sponsorship from a company that makes the most wonderful non-flour (thanks Cathy) bread and bagels. I will keep you posted about this company as well.

I will be listing pictures of quilts I have for sale over the next few months and hope to be able to supplement my income while I am down during back surgery recovery.

There will be more giveaways coming soon...three with my 500th post and one each day of the week on my anniversary. Details to follow as soon as I clear my head from this wretched cold I have.

I have lost 9 pounds since being on my diet, I will also begin to share more with you about that and some of the wonderful and delicous and actually healthy products I have tried and liked and what I don't like.

I will be listing some hints to green up your home, bring color to your yard and even how to grow a garden with a yard the size of mine. Money saving tips and monthly budget stretchers and of course I will let you know about some of the fun giveaways and swaps I find out about.

As always, grab a cupa and enjoy spending time with me and my blog and to all of you, who have contributed to my hitting over 600 views last month, thank you so much. I know there are many other wonderful blogs out there you could be spending time with, but you choose to spend time with me!


Sharon said...

Hey! I love your new look! I've been busy trying to get an etsy shop set up and my fingers have been busy with thread and crochet hook instead of pounding on the computer keys. :) Will announce on my blog about the etsy shop soon.

Allison said...

I'm glad she liked the changing pad. And I'm glad it was an ok tutorial for you, its so hard to write down the process and have it easy to understand! Happy quilting and Thanks for stopping by!! -Allison

Melinda Cornish said...

I love the picture! cute hair Miss Jean

Rannyjean said...

Thanks Melinda and as you can see, we had sun in Washington! :)