Saturday, April 4, 2009

R Is For Remember

Today, our letter is the letter R for Remember or remembering. Proverbs 31 reminds us that 'She looks well to the ways of her household.' We should all do our best to remember the small things that our family members love.

If we remember the little things that are BIG things fot our family, our friends, our neighbors and even our co-workers, we will bring balance to our home and ministry.

Years ago in Arizona, I wanted so badly to have a flower garden in the summer which is virtually impossible living in the desert with no trees and the cost of water in the summer isn't cheap either. But my husband who loves me without a doubt (remember he painted our home purple for me) gave me some areas where I could plant.

It resulted in a small white rose tree, lots of mulch, buying earth worms and putting them in the area and keeping it moist for them and planting Marigolds all over to hopefully keep the gophers out of my garden. I finally had Carnations, Roses, Nasturtiums, Blue Bells. I was proud of my garden and kept it weeded and gopher free (lets just say more than one gopher lost their heads over my flowers).

One day, I went out and gathered flowers and put them in a simple jar and took them to work in the dispatch center. For over a week, I heard about how nicely they smelled, how beautiful they were, how did I grow them. I gave beauty to an area that was gray and dull, but the flowers just made it right and it caught on as others began to bring in flowers.

It is remembering my husband works all day outside in the cold and wet and having the living room all warmed up when he gets home lets him know in a very small way that I care about him.
Having dinner done when he comes home shows him I care about him.

It is remembering to sign up once a month for Home Depot kids classes for my grandchildren because they love doing these work shops.

It is leaving a note in my grandsons pocket with a smiley face so when he goes to school he can remember how much I love him.

It is sending my friends I am thinking of you cards not on line, but via snail mail so in a pile of bills, they receive a smile.

It is taking the time to remember to take care of myself so I can be around a long time and be able to take care of them.

It is leaving a rubber lizard in my granddaughters bed so she will know that sometime during the day I remembered her and love her. This lizard has been found in various places around the house: under pillows, bottom of sheets, in towels, he is just a smile for whoever finds it!

What small things can you remember that are BIG to your family? If you can't think of anything, here are some ideas to get you started:
1- Hot cocoa on a cold afternoon
2-Warm cookies fresh out of the oven
3-Making a childs bed while they are at school
4-Giving an extra dollar in someones allowance just because
5-Dying a childs hair blue, just because they want it blue
6-Letting your son have that Mohawk haircut (after all, its just hair)
7-Reading a story to someone who is sick and in bed (it doesn't have to be a child)
8-Cleaning a friends kitchen while they are running errands
9-Putting fresh sheets on all the beds in your house
10-Coloring with a child, playing a game with a child, sending your husband a love note

There are so many things we can all do to help others that are cost free and if you want to give them a free gift, there are many on line places you can get freebies or win prizes and that is always fun!

Have a great day and Remember to do something small that will mean something big for someone you love.

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