Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Vacation Day 6 & Day 7

Thursday was a busy but lazy day. We didn't get out and about until after noon and then since hubby was off, we went to the local butcher and bought some meat, fresh crab, fish and buffalo sticks for the month. Then we went next door to the produce market and bought veggies and fruits for a week or so. As a treat, hubby took us all to KFC for lunch and then we came home and all took a nice long nap.

I talked to my mom's surgeon and they will be performing a Mastectomy on the 14th. Please keep her in prayers, she has 2 lumps in 2 different places and that is why the Mastectomy is so crucial.

I then took off and bought Easter supplies for the kids and had my hair cut. I really think the girl that cut it didn't do a good job, but its hair and part of the problem is I am used to getting my hair cut and colored and this time I didn't do the coloring so it doesn't look as fresh as it normally does.

We then went to Brownies and came home and my son called, the detective agency believes they found his ex-wife and will have papers served in the next few days. I on the other hand know this girls habits and do not think they are going to find her, but I contacted a local agency who states they work with these types of people all the time and she shouldn't be hard to find at all.
I would just love to hold and hug my granddaughter again & so would her other grandparents!

It has been a very cold and very wet day!

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