Sunday, April 12, 2009

No Sleep Since Yesterday

**Disclaimer: I have not been to bed since I woke up yesterday morning at 0730. I know it is hard on my body, I know it is not good for my Fibromyalgia or staying awake in church. Please do not lecture me on what a bad girl I am, I understand that!**

Everyone asked her in church where she got her new dress and she said her Ranny stayed up all night long with no sleep making it for her.

Here she is, caught not only in a dress, but notice the pink girl sweater and pink girl tights. We almost didn't get the tights on, but she gave in and said one time only!

You see, girls can't wear tights when they are riding skateboards and that is her latest thing, is learning to ride her skate board.

The bow on the front of the dress was yellow with small white polka dots and believe it or not, she willingly agreed to let me put a matching ribbon in her hair.

When it comes to her comfort zone, it is usually one pony tail, no fancy rubber band and she will tell me, and don't try to trick me, I can feel it if it is fancy.

Here is Miss Diva Girl, she loved her dress and oh yes, she was more than happy I had taken the time to make her a matching purse to go along with it.

The pattern for her dress was actually an older one I had that I had made her sister a shirt with, so I modified it a bit, elongated it and it came out great

I just love the fact she pared it up with a pair of yellow tights and these black and white Converse styled tennis shoes.

She can't wear it to school unless she has leggings with it because I didn't quite make it long enough, but is the tights and leggins girl!

Lastly, a mile wide smile with his basket of blue goodies, was our little man with a great smile even if he didn't get a dress. I asked him and he said, 'EEEEEEEEEEEEEW, dresses are for girls!'


Cathy said...

My mom ALWAYS stayed up the entire night sewing new Easter dresses. We would go to bed worried it wouldn't be finished and then wake up to see it hanging in the doorway.

Rannyjean said...

Oh how wonderful! Thank you for sharing that special memory with me Cathy.

judy said...

Darling dress...and kids. You're a good grandmother!