Monday, April 13, 2009

A Short Break & Prayer Request

I am taking a short break from hand quilting this morning. I gave myself a block hour of time to sit and do some hand quilting. This, while I have the dishwasher and washer going. Then I will clean a few dirty bathrooms, sweep the floors and my Monday chores will be complete.

First of all, I want to ask everyone to please say a prayer for my 71 year old mom who will undergo a Mastectomy tomorrow. She is scared and trying very hard to sound upbeat for all of us who are calling! If you would like to send her a note of encouragement and let her know you are praying for her, I know she would be pleased. I do not feel comfortable putting her address down on the blog, but if you Email me, I will send you her addy.

I won another giveaway! Whoo Hoo! On my sidebar is the site for safety tattoos and I won a giveaway from Lance and Heather in conjuction with Safey Tats. I was so excited, especially with summer coming up and thinking of a few vacation spots I would like to visit this year.

Why not keep your small ones safe, check out their website!


Sherry said...

I hope all goes well for your mom. I'll keep her in my prayers.


judy said...

How is your mom?

I'm praying for her.

Rannyjean said...

We are still awaiting biopsy results, when I talked to her last, she was in a lot of pain! Thank you for all the prayers!