Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sleeping With Dinosaurs Can Plumb Tucker Ya Out

Well, the trip to Seattle for the oldest was a blast, she had so much fun and the only dent in her heart was that she left her wallet and camera by a telescopic viewer and someone stole a part of her money. What is sad is there were 500 Girl Scouts and one of them, broke the Girl Scout Promise/Law.

They checked lost and found this morning, her camera and wallet were there and she was missing $10 and her library card. They left her with $17. Of course, we couldn't be mad at her, she is only 7 and away from us for the first time and so full of happiness and excitement.

They learned about unstable elements and explosions, they learned about using and making candy, they saw the Seattle Space Needle, she got a new tee-shirt and they slept all night with dinosaurs. They got up at 0630, watched a laser light show and an IMAX film.

She unpacked her gear and is in bed sleeping soundly, happily exhausted and tomorrow I am sure we will hear all about it. Next week, another adventure away from home and the following week a slumber party.

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not ready for this and wanting her to stay small for just awhile longer.

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