Sunday, April 26, 2009

"U," For Unexpected

When was the last time you did something unexpected for a family member, friend or even stranger? I try my best to find something at least once a week to do for someone else, even if it is silly or insignificant, it may mean a huge deal to someone else.

This plate of cookies for example. When was the last time you just took the time to bake a batch of your families favorite cookies? Their favorite cake? My youngest loves pumpkin pie and when he still lived at home, I would bake up a pumpkin pie in June,April or even September. Why? Because he always knew he would have it on Thanksgiving and Christmas, but in the middle of the year? To him, that was unexpected and special!

How about taking that special china out of the cabinet and setting the table for breakfast or lunch with it? At our house, we have tea parties with the good dishes. But then, we use the good dishes daily because I feel life is to short to save them!

We all know that Mothers and Fathers day is coming up and our parents while not expecting us to get them something, know for the most part, we will. But what if you mowed their lawn for a change, cleaned their house, took them fishing, colored them a picture like you did when you were a child? Do the unexpected and see what happens!

This week, I have been able to bless two families with unexpected surprises. The first was to finally finish the pillows and quilt for a Wyoming emergency dispatcher who lost her home last year to a fire. She didn't even know she had anything coming.

The second was when I blessed a church member with this small quilt with houses on it. They didn't know I was making this and I didn't take a picture of the card that I made by hand to give them with this.

Did I have to do this? No! No one asked me to or told me to, I felt that God wanted this family to have this. To make it more complicated, when I make quilts for strangers or people I barely know it is because I feel Gods leading on my heart. This is something I feel I must do!

I don't make them for everyone I know. I don't make them for every dispatcher that has bad things happen to them, I make them when I feel the Holy Spirit leading me to do so. I have even made quilts for our home that in the end I have felt needed to go to someone else.
Last week, I was taking the borrowed quilt frame back to a friend and when I pulled up in front of her home, I felt such a wonderful welcome and their back yard is just beautiful and peaceful. I asked her to come to my house and help me do the same.

You see, while I can make quilts and teach children, I have absolutely not once ounce of decorating diva in my bones! Slap up a few pictures on the wall, an old clock and I am done!

Our last home looked amazing not because of anything I did, but because I had friends come over one day and decorate and rearrange my furniture for me, not because I asked them to, but because it was unexpected, they had the love of decorating to make it work and it looked wonderful!
So, this week while you are going about your daily chores, think if there is anything unexected you can do for someone you know. It doesn't have to be a gift like this one all wrapped up in ribbons and pretty paper, just something unexpected.
If you pray on it, I know God will present you with just the perfect opportunity to bless someone else. He did with me this week. As i was preparing to write on this alphabet topic today, I found my notes and the verse that had been chosen for this was:
John 14:2 - 'In my Fathers house there are many mansions, I go to prepare a place for you.' The very same verse I placed on the small house quilt I made this week. I do believe when we are still and quiet, God talks to us.
Is He talking to you today?

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