Thursday, April 9, 2009

Your Opinion Counts

I really enjoy blogging and meeting so many talented people. I love participating in all kinds of swaps and giveaways when I have time and have caught up with my other projects and house cleaning.

However, sometimes I wonder if we bloggers that host giveaways aren't expecting a bit much from those who comment. I AM including myself in this. I think posting a comment is a good start and maybe even asking others to list our giveaways on their blog with a link so everyone is being honest and has a fair chance.

But what about the rest of the requirements? Subscribe to my blog, follow my blog, go to this site, check it out leave a comment here. But now we have twitter me here, some giveaways require you go to their sponsors site, go back and post a comment and then link to both the sponsers web-site and blog site, etc.

What I want too know is what do my readers think? Should we leave it at post a comment or add more ways to win? Should we allow you to receive a vote for each comment or just where the giveaway is? Should you receive extra points for subscribing or following? Should blog followers all be automatically given one vote?

Tell me what your opinions are as I would really like to know what works for you and what doesn't. After all, you are my readers and you matter to me!

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